Tips For Selecting A Steam Carpet Cleaning Service

Tips on Right Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning must be done perfectly or you can destroy the rugs and leave the odors still in fibers. Right carpet cleaners Bolingbrook IL is done at a time when there will be no one to walk on the rug until it has fully dried. Walking on the wet carpets will cause the fibers to be mashed and compressed so that they do not stand up and look remarkable. The pile can exactly become permanently matted and destroyed if you walk on the rugs while they are wet. To do right carpet cleaning the place should be cleaned, permitted to fully dry, and then vacuumed to lift the pile before any person walks on the rug.

Carpet cleaning Naperville needs that pick up all the big pieces of debris, then vacuum to delete all little pieces of debris, before running a steam cleaner over the place. You should also treat all stains in the rugs before you run the machine over the surface.

Spills should be gotten up as fast as possible to stop stains from occurring. Almost any liquid can be deleted if it is gotten to before it starts to dry on the fibers of the rug. Once the liquid staining agent has a chance to begin to dry on the fibers of the rug it can tie with those fibers and become almost not possible to lift away.

You should run the cleaner from all ways in order to lift the individual fibers and resave the plush thickness of a carpet. Clean in a single direction, and then clean it from another way to support you separate fibers and lift them so that they get as dirt free as easy. This will keep the rug looking fresh for a high period of time.

You can treat the surface of your carpet with fabric shields to support the resist staining when there is something spilled on them. When you apply the protectant the rug should be dry, clean and left to dry without any person walking on it.

Forever check a fresh cleaner in an area of the room that will not be gladly noticed if the cleaner were to make the colors of the bleed, or rug fade. These checks are very vital, because some cleaners are harsher than others and can destroy the rugs.

You are believed to run a steam cleaner over the surface of the rug until the water that you vacant from the machine is clear.






Carpet Cleaning – Ways to Keep Your Carpets Clean and Healthy


One way of adding more beauty to your home is having a new carpet. However, when the time goes by, it becomes old and unhealthy. Replacing it with a new one often is difficult considering it’s a big time investment. Proper maintenance and cleaning of your carpet is needed to maintain the look and healthy of it. Dirty carpets can causes allergies and respiratory problems because of the bad odors of your carpets. Aside from professional carpet cleaning companies that offer services, you can make it by your own to safeguard your investment, create a good impression to the guest and improve the air quality. Do not worry because here are some simple carpet cleaning strategies that you can do by yourself at home to keep your carpet clean, smelling good and free from stain.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning Woodridge IL

Vacuum your carpet on a regular basis. Vacuuming helps in removing dust in the carpet. In order to keep your carpet clean, prevent unsightly carpet stain, and smelling new, you have to vacuum it regularly. If left unclean, dirt, hair and other dust can gather in your carpet and result to further damage and health risks to persons with allergies. So, vacuum your carpet several times a day to ensure thorough and deep clean for the safety of your family.

Wipe clean spill in your carpet immediately. Unanticipated spills like ink, tea, wine are the most common enemies of carpets. It is very essential to know what you should do when something spills in your carpet. The spills must be removed as soon as possible to avoid smelly odor or hard to remove stains in the carpet. Take a soft cloth or paper towel over the spill to remove the mess then blot the excess before cleaning the carpet any further. Take a cleaning solution and conduct a test first in an unnoticeable area to check if it causes damaged or discolors the carpet. Then, apply the cleaning solutions with accordance to its direction.

carpet cleaning near Woodridge, IL

Use mild carpet cleaners. In case the plain water was failed to remove the stain in your carpet, dissolve a small amount of mild bleach in water together with a small amount of liquid detergents.  Remember, don’t use bleach on nylon or wool rugs carpet. This mixture will help remove the remains stains. But, if the stain is not entirely removed with this solution, you can use a mild chemical stain remover for carpets. You have to choose the mild one because the carpet is sensitive. You want to remove the stain, not to damage it.

Shampooing and spray carpet freshener. Shampooing it helps to freshen up or make it smelling good. If you are shampooing your carpets, use only a high quality and eco-friendly products that will not cause any damage in the fabric of your carpet. The wrong method in cleaning can worsen the situation.

These tips will help you in taking good care and you don’t need to spend a fortune to make it looking good. But in some instances, you should have your carpet cleaned by a professional for at least once in a year to ensure the cleanliness of your carpet.


Carpet Cleaning Information

As homeowners, dealing with dust, grime, stains, molds and other form of dirt is not an easy task to fill. Despite of your best effort, you will still be bothered by the years of grime and dirt that have accumulated in your carpet. Getting your carpet sanitized and cleaned is usually a bit of chore, but not unless you have employed an effective carpet cleaning method. There are various method used in cleaning up and removing dirt in your carpet, and 2 of the most commonly used method includes steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning.


Basically, these two carpet cleaning solution uses different procedures and cleaning process to extricate dirt and dust from the surface of your carpet. However, not both of these cleaning methods are created equal. While steam cleaning uses vapor steam to clean up your carpet, the dry carpet cleaning on the other hand uses a specialized machine with VLM (very-low moisture) to cleaning up the surface. Whatever method you use, both of them offer different result, therefore you have to be wise in choosing which carpet cleaning method are the best in removing deep-seated dirt and keep them from coming back. To help you in your decision making process, we have provided detailed information about the difference between Steam Carpet Cleaning Plainfield IL and Dry Carpet cleaning:

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Most dry carpet cleaning system uses a specialized machine to clean dirt and dust that are present are accumulating in your carpet. Dry carpet cleaning is being done by using a cleaning method without using water. The main elements used in dry cleaning include compound containing moisture, detergent, absorbent and solvent. The cleaning powder is being sprinkled, and as the moisture dissolves, the dirt or soil will then mixed with the detergent or solvent. After the mixture was absorbed, the process will end up by vacuuming the mixture which includes the dirt, dust and molds.

As aforementioned, dry carpet cleaning uses VLM system to extricate the dirt. This carpet cleaning method uses dry compounds that are being complemented by the application of cleaning solution. Dry carpet cleaning is often faster and less labor-intensive compared to wet extraction system, and easily dries up carpet than using bonnet cleaning method.

Steam Carpet Cleaning


Also referred to as ‘vapor carpet cleaning’, steam carpet cleaning Bolingbrook IL uses low-moist cleaning method to remove deep seated dirt and dust that are hidden in the deepest surface of your carpet. This type of carpet cleaning method uses specialized equipment wherein steam is being produced in a boiler, subsequently heating up tap water in high temperature of 300 degrees F.

Unlike dry cleaning, vapor carpet cleaning uses steam to loosen up all the contaminants in the carpet surface even the toughest dirt. It also use minimum chemicals on its cleaning process, thus making them eco-friendly compared to other chemically-laden carpet cleaning method. Steam carpet cleaning is not only best in removing the toughest dirt, but it can also remove bacteria and viruses that can be hiding just within the surface, thus keeping your home safe.

Can’t decide which carpet cleaning method to use? If so, keeping the above information in mind could be a great help in you decision making process.

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